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Jan 3, 2009

This episode might get me in trouble with some folks.  But that might not be so bad, because a number at least equal to them will be glad that I measured my tent and they see that it is large enough to include them with no big issues.

In 1974, the American Council of Witches adopted a set of 13 points which they declared to be the Principles Of Wiccan Belief.  I was barely aware of Wicca's existence in 1974, and the American Council of Witches has since disbanded.  But their Principles Of Wiccan Belief are an important legacy which has been passed down to us. 

When the Internal Revenue Service or other government body looks at a religious group and tries to decide if it constitutes a "church", one of the documents which they look for is a basic set of distinguishable beliefs.  This is ours.  We do indeed have a debt of gratitude to those who wrote it. 

And going through it, I find answers to some of the questions which seem to plague so many of us - and really bother me.  What, or who, is or is not Wiccan?  "Wiccan" encompasses a broad range of spiritual paths.  And by virtue of these 13 principles, it can be said that it encompasses more than many people are willing to admit.  Some Wiccans will be reluctant to recognize that certain other people are in fact Wiccan.  Then again, some other people will be reluctant to admit that they are Wiccan.

There are basically three kinds of people, as I see it, who are not Wiccan regardless of their claims:

  1. The closed-minded.
  2. People using the spiritual for their own agenda.
  3. Folks who just don't get the point.
And the point of all of this? 

When we get this point and put it to use, wonderful things can happen!

Blessed Be!