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Jul 12, 2014

Please don't call me Christian! Someone recently referred to me as "a Christian with issues", which shows me how little that person knows about me, Christianity, or Wicca! I certainly don't advocate snatching lunch trays from schoolchildren, legislation prohibiting feeding the homeless, or opposition to affordable healthcare, or any of the other things some self-described "Christians" are doing these days.

I was a Christian once, but that was long ago. When several self-appointed spokespeople for their pantheon told me that the bad times I was enduring was because of "God's Will", I decided to look elsewhere.

Later, Jerome Birnbaum, a name many of you might associate with the Veteran Pentacle Quest (his headstone was one of the very first) trained and ordained me. He was also a wonderful teacher and mentor, and he had me look at the ruins of my prior spiritual path, and I discovered something wonderful at the core which had been obscured by two millennia of crap generated by people on their own agendas! Jesus would have fit in well with us Wiccans before others put words in his mouth. And for those thumping the Old Testament, Cornelius got you off the hook unless your family tree indicates that you belong in a synagogue.

Let's look and see what's inside!