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Jul 15, 2011

Most of us know The Witches' Pyramid and its four sides: To Dare, To Know, To Will, and To Keep Silent.  And the same list can be found in other paths, too, usually with different names - but the same list.  And even those paths which don't make explicit use of the list will still teach it, at least to some of their followers.  And it is important to notice that "To Dare" is the first on the list.

"To Dare" allows us to begin.  It gives us permission to venture outside of our narrow comfort zones and, more importantly, it lets us increase the size of our comfort zones.  And, it opens the door for growth and new beginnings.

I recall my Dad once saying "Every great movement began as one person's wild idea."  And it's true, in the mundane world as well as in the religious world.  Name a movement, and you can probably come up with a single name.  Even within a movement, there can be single names for various aspects.  For the beginnings of Wicca as we know it, most people would mention the name of Gerald Garder.  But within Wicca, there are names such as Alex Sanders, Scott Cunningham, Silver Ravenwolf, Jerome Peartree and so many others.

There are many reasons to dare, and there are ways of going about it which have shown success for people over the years.  

The other three sides of The Witches' Pyramid are necessary, of course.  But it begins with "To Dare."  And that is indeed worth exploring, so that we can learn how others dared and how we can dare.

Blessed Be!