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Jul 14, 2007

Bear with me on this, and I think you'll see what I'm driving at.

I'll have to admit that nothing gets some Wiccans more upset than to have to hear "the J-name".  But it's not his fault.  Take a look at what he taught and how he lived, and compare that with the stuff you find shouted from pulpits.  I wonder if he would even recognize that which was built in his name as being anything having anything to do with the points he kept trying to make.  Sort of like the story I told you a while back about a certain Air Force captain who kept going around saying "Colonel wants...." until a certain lieutenant asked the colonel.

And, do you know what else this is good for?  When someone tries to "save" you, this is some good information to let it be known that he probably would be more comfortable among us than he would be in the religious establishment built in his name.  Some good intellectual ammunition, I do believe.

Besides, our issues are not with deities or pantheons.  Our issues are with what mortals do while claiming to be serving their deity. 

Enjoy this.