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Jun 5, 2010

And here again, we have another secret hiding in plain sight.  One which a lot of people spend their lifetimes trying to seek.  Like so much of the others that I've pointed out in the last few weeks, including last week.

This was inspired by an event which happened to us in the past week, plus the fact that in the course of the past week, Lady Stormy and I celebrated ten years as a commited couple, and nine years as a married couple.

The incident involved a couple who were stood-up by the church.  Note that I did not say stood up *at* the church, but stood up *by* the church.  That in itself is an interesting tale, the first such that I'd heard of in all my years of carious forms of ministry.  But it only leads us to the main point.

The point is a simple one, which many express in many ways, but all of those expressions boil down to one single factor, one so simple that many miss it.

And those who grasp that point have made a major milestone in their journey.  Note also that it is a point that even someone who is single and celibate can still put to good use.

Blessed Be!