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Mar 11, 2017

Imagine that a spiritual path which you might know for its history of hate, bigotry and violence had another, less known, path which is known for just the opposite.  Of course, that other path is not known by many, nor recognized by some who see it, but it is there.  And, that other path mixes well with every other path which it encounters, allowing it to survive and thrive in spite of persecutions and so-called "reforms".

While the more major, well-known path with its infamous history has as the main author of its doctrine a person who learned second-hand from others who had known the actual founder, the founder of the branch less evident is someone who learned directly from the actual founder, and apparently knew that founder very well.  And the difference shows in the fruits each path bore.  And the fact that the less-known path survived and thrived quietly might be for the reason of that teaching.

Let us look at Glastonbury and what it can offer us.  Many of us know Glastonbury, but who knows what all there is to Glastonbury?
Blessed Be!