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An opportunity to explore the spiritual in a manner that all may come together and share.


Mar 26, 2011

Before I say anything else, there is something I need to point out and have understood.  If a meteorologist says that a storm is coming, he or she is not advocating storms.  It is merely the fact that from what he or she has studied, indications are that folks should expect a storm.  Also, please note the revolutions we've had in the last couple of centuries that were caused by such things as the steam engine, electricity, and the microchip.  Not all revolutions require bloodbaths.  Most of you will get this point, although some will not want to do so.

Two basic sets of principles I've discussed.  One, the Witches' Pyramid, has been part of pre-dedicant training since long before I was a dedicant. 

  • To Dare
  • To Know
  • To Will
  • To Keep Silent

And there are the four corners of the spiritual revolution which I've outlined to you in the last several episodes (other than the Ostara celebration - where they manifested).

  • Any relationship with The Divine is mutual. (personal responsibility)
  • Yes, things can be mase to happen. (authority)
  • The Divine is not as bad as some describe The Divine. (access)
  • Let's focus on what we share, rather than what divides us. (power)

Not only do they let things happen, they demand it!  And let's see how it works and what we can do with it!

Blessed Be!