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May 16, 2015

I remember as a very young lieutenant in the Air Force having to work with a senior captain who considered it his mission to tell everyone what our colonel wanted. Imagine what happened when the colonel heard about what he supposedly wanted, and he never wanted that! I remember well the reaction concerning the captain who spoke out of turn claiming to be on the colonel's behalf. If the colonel had been a deity instead of a mortal, it might have been more complicated.

From Allah to Zarathustra, from Brigid to Yahweh, my heart goes out to deities who have to hear their names batted about in ways which they never had in mind! And I pity the mortals involved when it catches up to them!

And on the other end, we have others who go too far in another direction. I recall a party planning in which someone wanted to make the Friday night get-together meatless because some of those attending might be Catholic. And then there is the human rights complaint which claims that Catholic University in Washington, DC does not sufficiently accommodate the needs of Muslim students, like they named it "Catholic University" because it sounded "cool".

When is the next shipment of common sense due?

Blessed Be!