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Nov 23, 2019

The fact that I was away from my keyboard and microphone does not mean that I didn't have my eyes open. And, over the past year, one issue seemed most apparent, and it is the same issue which I addressed in my very first podcast: “Why can't we get along?” It's at least as relevant an issue today as it was in April of 2006. Inn fact, for me the question is more emphatic!


So many of the most bigoted claim to be Christians, but an examination of their Bible tells us something else. Besides the fact that Jesus himself pointed out that some scripture was out-of-date when he was on Earth, there is more which reveals that the gates of their heaven might open wider than many think. Some of the issues which are a big deal to some might not be so big to The Divine.


And, is this one of the issues which are keeping us back. How can we expect to see and understand more when we do not understand what is already in front of us?

Blessed Be!