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Nov 8, 2008

Spiritually, just possibly the most powerful of all Sabbats has just made its yearly visit to us here in the Northern Hemisphere.  So, what now?

The answer can be found in a term often used by athletes and their coaches: follow-through.  In baseball, it's what you do with the bat after it encounters the ball.  In football, it's what your arm does after you release the ball.  In golf, it's what you do with the club after it hits the golf ball.  Sometimes, it seems as if follow-through is as important as anything else you do.  Quite often, it actually is!

We often make jokes about our more mundane friends and the resolutions which they make at the mundane new year - and usually break before February.  Then again, they make the same jokes about themselves.  They make the resolution, but what's next?

Like all Sabbats, this past Samhain will be with us until the next Samhain.  And while our mundane friends make their December 31st/January 1st resolutions to family, friends, the office water cooler and the person filling their glass, we do more.  Samhain is a time for endings and beginnings.  And so, we do well to be a bit more serious.

And how to follow through?  There are some basic principles, and a few "rules" which seem to work for me.  At any rate, at the 2007 Samhain I once again resolved to end my smoking habit, and it seems to be ended.  At any rate, I am 11 months smoke-free.  I can't say that precisely what I did will work for you, but it was follow-through and I share some thoughts on follow-through.

We have some great things to build, and the building begins at Samhain.  And the follow-through continues through the year.

Blessed Be!