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Oct 13, 2007

I came across an interesting statement by a Rabbi which begins with "If you had a small, cheap god that you bought in the dime store, then of course you can reach it, you can have him in your pocket, and you can even play with him and kiss him."

It reminds me of the song that used to play on about the "plasic Jesus, riding on the dashboard of my car."

And that's one of the problems that some folks have.  Their god is actually that small.  For some people, that's all they want.  According to others, that's all they're going to have.  And let's not forget the folks who not only don't want to have any more god than that, they don't want anyone else to have any more than that, either!

There might not be a lot of dime stores left, but there are dollar stores, religious gift shops, Wiccan shops and other places where it is possible to find a nice small figure of a god, goddess, other deity, or other subject of veneration - and at a reasonable price.  Whether it is Jesus, Mary, Shiva, a Buddha, a Saint, or anyone or anything else, thay all have in common one basic factor, and one basic connection to each other.  And that is why that little figure you buy can become so powerful for you.

Take it in common with the infinite nature of the Divine, and you have a weapon for spiritual self-defense.  Not only that, it will show you some of the wonders of the Divine that are beyond the most powerful imagination.

And exploring this can be a lot of fun, too! 

Reverend Chris
almost fifteen years ago

Hi Aidan, love the podcast. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and care with which it is produced. Thanks for bringing your unique brand of balance and intelligence to the pagan podcast sphere.

Reverend Chris
Universalist minister