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Oct 27, 2007

It's Samhaintide! 

Soon Samhain will be upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, and those in the Southern Hemisphere are welcome to join in, too!

I get excited about Samhain.  And since you are your own Priest or Priestess, you have much to be excited about at Samhain, and for the same reasons.

We've got a wonderful - and powerful - group here, so let's do a Samhain celebration together!  There is so much that we can do!  This is when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest.  That means that we can reach to the other side, and those who are on the other side can reach to us.  There is so much that happens at Samhaintide that there isn't room enough in all of cyberspace to list it all!  But especially, with the frequent focus of Samhaintide being what it is, it is natural to look at endings and beginnings at this time of the Cycle of the Year.

The thing some folks forget about endings is that they are paired with a beginning.  They also forget that every beginning is paired with an ending.  And so much of the magick of Samhaintide deals with endings and beginnings.  And what does that mean for us?  Endings and beginnings exist together as pairs.  If we seek an ending to something, we should also seek a beginning.  If we seek a beginning of something, we should also see what ends.  Some pairings are obvious, some are much more subtle.  But they are there.

And let's celebrate this together.  A place is prepared, and it's ready.  Watch with your third eye, and see what you might see!  And see what you might be able to take with you from the celebration!

almost fifteen years ago

I just want to thank you for sharing your wonderful Samhain ritual. I feel as though I am there. I have been a solitary for more than thirty years, this was so wonderful. Thanks and Blessed Be.

Aidan Odinson
almost fifteen years ago

And thanks to you, Martha. What you say means that I achieved some of what I\\\'ve been striving for.

I wanted to give everyone a feeling of being there at the ritual, and I also wanted to create the feeling of being there with all of the others who were here for the ritual.

I\\\'ve always felt that there was a need for fellowship, and for knowing that we\\\'re not just alone and isolated, but part of something bigger.

I\\\'m glad that you were here, and I hope that I\\\'ll be able to do even more so over time.

Again, thank you very much.

Blessed Be!
Aidan Odinson