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Sep 8, 2007

A breviary is, in essence, a daily cycle of prayers and "mini-rituals".  Many monastic orders have their own breviaries, and of course there are other published breviaries - including fancy four-volume sets that command a hefty price.

Of course, such breviaries are written by people that you and I don't know, and they take a "one size fits all" approach which doesn't work for most of us.

But, Wiccans have an advantage.  Instead of missals and breviaries, Wiccans have Books Of Shadows - and they are as personal as your athame or your toothbrush.

You already probably do a daily ritual of rituals, even if you don't know it.  Look and see.  And what are you doing with that ritual of rituals?  You are establishing and maintaining a relationship with various people and things.  The first kiss in the morning, the kiss goodnight, the hug when you come home, walking the dog at certain times, putting a baby or child to bed for the night - you're doing more than what you're physically doing.  And if you miss doing something, you really miss it!

And so it is with your prayer life, and this is where a breviary helps.  And it helps even more when you write your own.  And, it is important.  No matter how important your rituals are, this is how you maintain your relationship with the Divine between rituals.

Look and see.  You'll see.