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Sep 23, 2011

It's Mabon, and here we are in Mabontide ready for a celebration!  Some call this the last harvest, Lammas being the first.  Some call it the second of three with the final being Samhain.  Either way, this is Mabon and we do celebrate the harvest at this time.

Not only do we celebrate the harvest, we give thanks.  In fact, it can be said that Thanksgiving as people in the USA celebrate it is Mabon transplanted to later in the calendar.  And yes, we give thanks.  Not just for the good things that are apparent, but also for those that might not be apparent.  There are those things we've been too busy to notice.  There are some things which we might have come to take for granted.  And yes, there probably are some blessings which we simply haven't realized.  And this is the time for that.

This is another one of those Sabbats where the emphasis is on fulfillment.  Those who feel as if they are in exile from other paths can take comfort in that.  The Wheel Of The Year is about a promise and its fulfillment.  There's no talk of "God's will" here because the will of The Divine is our fulfillment, happiness and well-being.  There is no talk of "God's time" because each and every Sabbat can be marked on the calendar.  As for "God's higher plan," this is indeed that "higher plan", and woe be those who stand in the way!

And so come, join in this celebration!

Blessed Be!