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Sep 1, 2007

Today, we open the Hall Of Honor at The Virtual Mission Chapel Of The Archangel Uriel.

Where is this chapel?  As near as your computer.  Just go to and "follow the signs" and you'll be there. 

The first two to be honored in the Hall Of Honor are Jerome Birnbaum and Tempest Smith.  If you've listened to this podcast for any length of time, you know some of their significance.  If not, we offer a "quick sketch" of who they are on their pages in the Hall Of Honor.

This is something you might be able to do, too.  A special place to honor those who have made a special contribution to your spiritual life.  It can be done any number of ways: a bookshelf, a web page, a page in a photo album.  And, I'm sure yours might include some that the more major faith groups haven't bothered to notice. 

There's also some news about how President Dubya Bush snubbed Roberta Stewart.  And his apology.  But the apology has become a cheap commodity, hasn't it?  I'm offering a couple of suggestions as to how Dubya can atone so that his apology includes some credibility.