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Sep 27, 2014

It has been said that nothing can destroy or strengthen faith more than going through a time of major need. In my book, going through my beloved wife's health emergency qualifies as one of those times. And, in my past there was another such time. Comparing then with now gives me some opportunities to make...

Sep 20, 2014

I often wondered what some people who gave me "advice" during a very bad time in my life some years ago would do if the shoe were on their foot. Well, the shoe is now on my foot. And I don't see much choice other than to follow my own advice.

Some nasty ups and downs, but right now she seems to be improving. And I'm...

Sep 13, 2014

And today I need to talk a bit about what some would describe as "where the rubber meets the road".

A week ago today (as I am speaking into the mike), an ambulance took Lady Stormy Windwalker, my beloved and beautiful wife of all these years, to the hospital. She was in a room for a while, appearing to get better, and...

Sep 6, 2014

What about the basic work of writing a ritual? We've spoken of such things as your sacred space, seeing when something happens and more. But what about the basic act of putting together a ritual.

Here, we're talking about a "one-subject" rite to fulfill a specific want or need. We begin with that as our focus, and...