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Oct 29, 2011

It's Samhain!  The wheel of the year has completed another cycle, and so here we are.

We are at the end, and we are at the beginning!  This is, after all, the Celtic New Year.  We can look back at all that we've accomplished this year, and look forward to what we want to accomplish in the new year just beginning!


Oct 22, 2011

To some, this will be a major revelation.  I know what you and I were taught about selfishness when we were growing up, and it was intended to insure that our lives were hopefully going to be based on something else than greed.  

But, there comes a time when it's necessary to recognize that in a balanced and...

Oct 15, 2011

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had some interesting experiences which I hope that I will never have to experience again.  The result was going into a hospital emergency room on a Sunday afternoon.  It became apparent that what was bothering me was not just an inconvenience when I noticed how quickly I was being...

Many thanks to all! - October 8, 2011

Oct 8, 2011

Just a  brief note to give my thanks to all who offered their prayers and energies over the past week.  I am finally out of the hospital and am beginning to resume some semblance of normal activity.

I expect to have a fresh show next week.  

Blessed Be!

Aidan Odinson

Oct 2, 2011

First, an apology for the delay in getting this out to you.  I normally do that on Friday nights, and this is only the second one that I've missed other than a couple that I put out in advance.  But last night I had such nasty leg cramps that I could not get down the stairs to do it.  And I've spent most of today in...