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Apr 2, 2016

Some basic ideas that have been drummed into your head can become tools, and even weapons, in dealing with the words and actions we see from politicians, candidates, business executives, and various forms of bureaucrats as well as religious leaders.  Look at the "Golden Rule" that every Christian child learns in Sunday school, and the "Threefold Law" well known to every Wiccan.  After all, if someone bullies you, does that mean that the bully really wants you to bully him/her?

Given the broad-brush statements about certain groups of people, how would someone feel if the same broad-brush were applied to them?  Not only is there a question of whether or not we can afford that kind of prejudiced thinking, it might keep us from seeing greater issues.  The Oklahoma City bombing and several other terrorist-type actions since then, for instance, had nothing to do with minority religions such as Islam.  

We have a weapon immediately available which will let each of us know what a person is advocating.  Add a little to that, and you can get an idea of what we might have to expect from that person.  We might even be able to stop a snake before it strikes!  

Blessed Be!