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Apr 24, 2010

One thing is almost as inevitable as the death and taxes some folks quip about when discussing the inevitable.  In fact, some folks might avoid it and still die, but nobody avoids it who is capable of doing something for which they can be taxed. 

I'm talking about what some folks refer to as "formation."  And it's something that you're going to do, including (perhaps especially) spiritually.  It's going to happen.  And you might as well benefit from it.

Formation comes in many forms, and no two people will have the same formation.  And, there are many influences to your formation.  And, you will have many teachers.  One or two might be your main teachers, but there wil be others.  It can easily be that every person in your life might be some kind of teacher,  and some of the people who teach you might surprise you - and me.  Even someone who is infamous for teaching "junk theology" does teach you (hopefully) to recognize junk when you see it.

And therein is the secret.  And the really big secret is what makes your own path stronger.  Some folks will claim it doesn't happen that way, but it does.

Blessed Be!