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Apr 25, 2009

Pathworking is something I enjoy tremendously.  In fact, I enjoyed pathworking for longer than I've been a Wiccan.  I say that because of some other spiritual exercises which amount to pretty much exactly the same thing, but they are conducted in the context of other paths.  More than one, but there was one I came to know and love because of the visions.  And I'm so glad to have them now.

Of course, pathworking does take a time and a place that is set aside, preferably with people knowing not to disturb you.  But we can take the principle and adopt it elsewhere.

It's kind of like taking a vacation.  For a vacation, I'll take a week or two and forget that the office exists.  But I also need evenings, weekends and an occasional holiday in addition to the vacation time.  Otherwise, I'd be a basket case by the time I had vacation time coming to me.  And in this case also, there is something basic that I can take with me and apply it with what appears to be the everyday.

Begin with finding The Divine when you are in a very mundane situation.  When you are being spiritual is a good time for this, especially in the beginning.

And what are you doing?  You're adding more dimension and depth to your own spirituality.  Not only that, you're developing a way to see the divine in every aspect of your life.

And from there, you can really grow!

Blessed Be!