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Dec 4, 2010

I have a hard time believing anyone who tells me that they have no enemies and that they hate nobody.  Admittedly, there are those Pollyanna-type characters who try to make themselves into living doormats, and there are those who refuse to acknowledge the obvious, but the rest of us are forced to be human beings and we have to deal with what comes as part of being human.

There are all kinds of enemies, but generally they fall into certain categories.  There are people living the agendas that make their life more of a "soap opera" than any afternoon TV drama.  There are the ignorant who don't know and that's all they want to know.  There are those who listened too much to the wrong people.  And, of course, there are also the innocents whose only shortcoming was that someone rubbed your nose in them.  

The problem with these folks isn't really the fact that we dislike them so much.  The problem is that the emotions which people like them can raise in us are able to get in the way of what we are actually supposed to be doing - including our spiritual growth.

So, what can be done with them?  Is there more than one way?  

It depends, but there are ways to deal with them which have the potential for something positive.  And at worst, it is always possible to close the door on the negative.  And they don't have to side-track or distract your spiritual progress - or any other progress, for that matter!

Blessed Be!