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Dec 26, 2009

We've made it through Yule (and/or Christmas, Hanukah and a few others) when the mundane "New Year" hits us.  One thing that makes the mundane "New Year" different from other mundane holidays is that it is literally impossible to ignore.  Most of us had our new year celebration at Samhain, but it is the mundane "New Year's Day" which governs what year and day it is when we express time in a manner that the rest of humankind will understand.  It's also a cause for partying and time off from the job.

But there is one thing about the mundane "New Year" that we can put to our use.  That is the infamous "New Year's resolution".  It is infamous because it is the butt of every late-night TV comedian's jokes this time of year.  And it is infamous with me because of the wise-guy answers I gave as a child and as a teenager when an adult would ask me what my resolutions were.  And besides, we made ours at Samhain, right?

Look at the power we have available to us!  The promise of Samhain has been fulfilled with the birth of Yule.  What a powerful time to set magick into motion, especially the kind which will actually help us help ourselves and others!  It's also a good time to catch up with anything you missed at Samhain, or to get something you tried starting at Samhain back on track!

Let's see how we can bring that off!

Blessed Be!