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Dec 27, 2008

If I repeat a point, it just might be because it's an important point which folks will do well to remember and use.

One advantage we have over the more mundane folk is that while their holidays end at the stroke of midnight on the day of the holiday, each of our Sabbats can be seen as never being really over until the same Sabbat of the next year arrives.  Yule of 2008 will be with us until Yule of 2009, and we will see it not only in every other Sabbat between now and the next Yule, but in each and every single day - if only we look.

And Yule's big gift to us, the one I spoke of last week, is ours to cherish the whole year.

And here is where I find the need to take off the figurative gloves.  I am known to be not only tolerant but generally accepting of other spiritual paths.  But in one place I draw the line and I will not move that line.  I find it impossible to accept, believe in, or follow a deity whose would constitute abusive behavior if one of us mortals did the same thing. 

And within this is a gift from The Divine, and it is a gift which we can indeed cherish and nurture each and every day. 

And herein is the greatest gift of Yule, and the one we can really put to use all year!

Blessed Be!