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Dec 30, 2006

A recent comment about my podcast, which I much appreciated, said that I had given someone a new perspective on old ideas.  This person got the point!

How many new ideas have there been?  How much of what we are looking at in spirituality is so ancient that it is beyond ancient?  How much is so ancient that it was already ancient when the Ancient Ones were young?  Some ideas might be new to the beholder if they are newly found  by that individual, but how many are actually new?

And what's new?  Problems, mostly.  Things like forcing one particular path down someone else's throat, claims of spiritual superiority, the manufacturing of a spiritual elite for the rest of us to be dependent upon, and an "us against them/ them against us" mentality.

But the worst is a disease, an infectious disease with terrible effects.  I first heard it described by name by a political commentator, but in my opinion the disease infects religion and spirituality even more - with worse effects. 

What is the disease, and what is its name?  Listen to the podcast and you'll learn about it.

Get past such obstacles and spiritual diseases, and hopefully there will be a new perspective.  And perhaps some of the most infamous words might no longer appear to be limits, but a prod to seek something more and better.

At any rate, that's what I am hoping for.