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Jan 21, 2017

My own spirituality has been under fire almost since I considered myself old enough to take responsibility for it.  Whether it was in college where any religion was suspect, to the Air Force where "such stuff" was sup-posed to be confined to the base chapel, to later when it seemed so many spiritual paths seemed to forget tradition in favor of bending with the social/political winds.  And now, we face some groups who seem to think that their way is the only valid way!

It is possible to confront such groups publicly and often it is necessary.  But, it is necessary to maintain control over the situation and to insure that we do in fact get the right attention.  

But, in addition to what we do in the open, our private spiritual lives are the backbone of what we do and what we accomplish.  All the more reason to jealously guard your prayer life and never lose sight of the fact that your spiritual life is your business.
Blessed Be!