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Jan 29, 2011

Wednesday, February 2nd, is Imbolc, so let's have a celebration!  In fact, most spiritual paths which have their roots on places which have rough winters have a celebration about now.  Celebration of Brighid, Lucia, Candlemas, and so many others, some of which are downright blatant in their Pagan roots, and some more subtly disguised.  And then, of course, there is the Christian Feast of the Presentation - which just happens to also be on February 2nd.

If Samhain is the death and Yule is the birth of the baby, then Imbolc could be looked upon as the Briss, naming or christening, depending on your tradition.  And isn't it amazing how the Christians chose Imbolc to be the celebration of the Presentation In The Temple.  Their tradition was that if a boy is a woman's first-born, then he should be presented in the Temple in Jerusalem.  Quite a parallel!

And the celebrations all have something more in common: taking a break from the bleakness of winter to celebrate what's coming.  Notice how many of the celebrations have lore and ritual which includes the use of candles?

We have a special ministry here, and it seems to me that Imbolc has special meaning to that special ministry.  And so, let's no just celebrate Imbolc, let's celebrate something even more!

And when you hear my suggestion of what might be included in an Imbolc celebration, you might think it revolutionary.  But then again, you might also see the point and join in!  And you will be most welcome!

Blessed Be!