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Jan 23, 2010

Last time, we had a celebration of 200 episodes, and I spoke some of my journey.  This time, let's look at your journey - and everyone else's.

Some of the greatest journeys remain untraveled.  Why?  Because someone "was going to" do one thing or another.  Others get to their destinations because the people doing the traveling insisted.  In fact, some journeys include what some people called impossible and what others tried hard to prevent.

You can tell that a goal is yours when the sight of someone who has the same (or similar) goal makes you ache - there's something there that needs to be yours!  And you can tell when you're gotten to such a goal, because among your first thoughts after arriving are how much you can do as a result - and how it is part of your next journey.

Or might it be said that one journey is actually part of a larger journey?  See what you think! 

And there are ways to chart your journey.  And, of course, the more waypoints you pass, the closer your destination.

Above all else, the journey requires getting into motion.  That first step.  Enjoy it!

Blessed Be!