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Jun 15, 2012

In your spiritual life on this plane of existence, perhaps the miost nagging question is expressed in the same way as you might express the most nagging question when you were in school: When you are done with this level, will you make it to the good place at the next level?

In elementary school, you tried to make it into the next grade.  And most often you did.  And there was a possibility that you might make it into the advanced-placement class of the next grade.  Then again, you could be put into the next grade but in "special education", or your sourpuss teacher could keep you in the grade you're in!  And I recall in third grade, we had a playground know-it-all who would expound on how some kids just were not going to make it because of all the extra stuff you had to do to satisfy ever-sour-Miss-Lauer. 

And isn't religion kind of like that, no matter what your path?  And some paths more than others. 

So, what does it take?  A look in the revered writings of the various paths reveals how to make the grade, and also how to guarantee that you won't.  What keeps you from making the grade centers around one basic fact.  And do you know what?  Making it successfully seems to center around a few simple concepts which should be well-ingrained in you by now!

So, let's explore!

Blessed Be!