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Jun 23, 2012

If there is one issue that bothers me more than any other, it problably is the "one size fits all" approach which some people have about religion or spirituality.

I have nothing against the kind of evangelism that tells people what you've found and how it works so well for you.  I have no problem with inviting people to come and join.  And I certainly have no problem with someone explaining their spiritual path to others - that's what I'm doing here.  Where I have a problem is when people try to force others into marching in lock-step with them, or when people try to claim that another path is somehow "wrong", "evil", or "of the devil".  Not only do I see that as being wrong, there are a number of reasons why I consider that practice to be spiritually dangerous.

Your spiritual path is yours and it's individual.  You'll find overlap with others which makes for some wonderful working together, but it is also yours and personal as well. 

And this puts us at a special advantage.  Let's see what this can mean for us!

Blessed Be!