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Mar 15, 2008

Last week was a wonder check, this week is a priestly reality check!

Priestly?  Yes, because you are your own priest or priestess.  While there are indeed others who will insist on giving such authority to someone else, you do have your own priestly authority where your own ministry to yourself is concerned.  This has nothing to do with ordination, or any body licensing you to perform rituals in their name and under their authority.  The first priesthood which ever existed is your own priesthood to minister to yourself.

And in this, some will accuse me of "talking in riddles," while others will understand it quite clearly.  Then again, that always happens.

It begins with the understanding that as a priest or priestess, each of us is "in the miracle business."  The trick here is simply knowing what to do about that, and what to do with that.  And don't let the word "simply" fool you into thinking that it's easy!  That's where the "reality check" part comes in.

And so, I begin with some good counsel that I got when I was first becoming serious about becoming a priest, and from there going into the cautions, typical pitfalls, and perhaps even how to recognize when you might actually still win!

Blessed Be!