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Mar 1, 2008

No kidding.  Let's look at this idea.

I've mentioned before the idea of borrowing from the Christian path the idea of setting aside February 20th as a special day to honor Tempest Smith.  Now, how about Lent? 

If we take a look at what it's about, you'll see the point.  We keep talking about balance, don't we?  Polarities?  Opposites?  Yin and Yang?  OK, so does this mean that we can go around patting ourselves on the back all day and ignore the times we miss the mark?  I hope not!

But it would also be a good idea if we were to get the point and keep getting the point of it all.  Those of you whose spiritual experience includes Christianity probably have a tale or two about Lent to tell - and it probably illustrates how form can overshadow substance.  And there are a few stories about how kids got to sacrifice during Lent, but grown-ups could always find "exceptions." 

One of the greatest sets of missed points is in their own Bible, conveniently in one chapter (the sixth chapter of Matthew).  Perhaps not an absolute, but some principles about how to do spiritual things most effectively.  And one of the most obvious of those points is that you don't do it for the sake of putting on a show for all to see!  It's between you and the Divine. 

So, what would a Wiccan Lent be like?  Probably not what Christians would think of as Lent, but it would get the job done - and perhaps better.

Blessed Be!