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Mar 21, 2008

It's Ostara!  That's Easter to some of you, Spring Equinox to some others, but Ostara to the rest of us.  And it's time to celebrate.

No matter the name you give the Sabbat/ feast, it is a celebration.  And no matter your tradition, the celebration is about the same thing.  A promise was made a Samhain.  It showed its first steps of fulfillment at Yule, and more at Imbolc.  At Ostara, we know for sure that it is happening.  No hedging about any deity's "will", it is happening. No quibbling about whether it's going to be in any deity's "time", it is not only happening and it is  happening when it needs to happen!

That is part of the wonder of it all, and the wonderment we need to have when we think of the Divine.  So many people look upon the Divine with such a narrow viewpoint that even so-called "tunnel vision" would seem an improvement.  And worse, they miss so much, including the basic point that the Divine is trying to make.

And so, join us for a celebration.  Once again, The Virtual Mission Chapel Of The Archangel Uriel opens its cyberspace doors to one and all for an Ostara celebration with a ritual and a get-together to follow.  Let's greet the Divine with a smile as we celebrate the promise being fulfilled.

Oh, and you'll hear an announcement about something that you've been hearing about over the last couple of weeks.  It's an announcement that demonstrates what Ostara can be about if we only let it!

Blessed Be!