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May 3, 2008

There is a need for spiritual healing.  That is, spiritual healing of the genuine kind.

For some, the word "healing" connotes a sterile environment with people in white coats and scrubs.  For others, it might bring a mental image of someone at a tent-revival shouting "halleluia" and passing the offering plate.  The real kind is neither, but it is something that is within your grasp when you're called upon to do it. 

Until recently, I never gave much thought to the idea of myself doing any kind of healing.  But then circumstances forced me.  And healing does happen.

It can happen, and it does happen.  It happened twice for me in the last few months.  Joe came home today.  And as you know, Lord Pan went home last week.  That Joe was a healing that worked is obvious, but what of Lord Pan?  True, we would have liked to have him live longer, but eighteen years old is pretty old for a cat.  And he did cross over while he was comfortable and at home with his family, not in some vetrinarian's office.  Cats are mortals too.

And here are a couple basic lessons about healing.  One is the fact that no matter how divine The Divine might be, sometimes you can't transform a bowl of broccoli into a glass of beer.  The other is that if you don't get what you want, you might still get something that you can deal with.  

There are obstacles to healing as there are obstacles to any form of magick, but they can be dealt with.

Anyone might find theirself called upon to heal. 

The complication is keeping the simplicity.

Blessed Be!